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Hide details for  9.0.1 FP2 9.0.1 FP2
SHEZ9GQLHCFixes issue where when after installing the Notes Browser plugin kit, the error "Error loading USE or USELSX module: *lsxlc" is received when opening...
MYAA9HZALZFixes Notes Browser Plugin hang when editing a document
MYAA9JAARG Fixes Notes Browser Plugin hang when opening a database if the navigator has a trailing space.
MYAA9GF9GUWhen using Notes Browser Plug-in, do copy as doc link, then paste it
into the body of mail on iNotes. If the document does not have "title" field,...
MNIA9FJ5S3Fixes contacts synchornization when using the Notes Browers Plugin. Before this fix, a Notes Browser Plugin user would received error message:...
VPEU9JAF4JFix for blank tabs showing up in IE when using some applications
KTOT9G3SC4Fixes issue launching the Notes Browser Plug-in that results in error message: "Protected mode is turned on in your Web Browser".
ASAO9HL9B6While trying to launch NBP via an OLE app, the Notes home page is launched and then the link provided by OLE app is launched in the next tab with the...
SKAI9G2DPFFixes intermittent Notes Browser Plug-in crash on Internet Explorer when opening names.nsf/local. The crash occurs during bookmark...
APAR9FJJB2A Notes application which has a frame target formula targeting the content to be opened using standard frame attribute of _top did not work correctly...
MNIA9HC4VJIn the case where a db is not opened , ID's were not assigned properly when a copy as link in About or Using page was done. For that reason copy as...
MNIA9HC54MFixes issue where when pasting "Using This Application" Document Link into iNotes, the clickable link title is a view name.
SKAI9G2EDPFixes databases not opening correctly when opened from Notes Broswer Plugin. As a result, the Notes Browser Plugin is left with a blank tab and or...
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP1 9.0.1 FP1
GKLA9CYGTPFixes an issue where 'More Settings' cannot be selected when creating a selective replica of a mail file from the Notes Browser...
RPAL9BXMUBWith this fix, the Notes Browser Plugin will use ReDirector for creating iNotes URLs when forwarding a document
ARAR9BTK96With the following Notes.ini, the Notes Browser Plug-in will be shut down immediately after the last Notes Browser Plug-in tab is closed by the...
RPAL9D96ZTFixes issue where the MUI Pack is disabled after applying a NBP hotfix.
YALL9H9C7NCompanion fix needed for RPAL9D96ZT that was also fixed in 9.0.1 FP1.
APAR9FK83DFixes issue around the message box shown during application launch that was changing the context of the application. thus causing the notes...
Hide details for  9.0.1 9.0.1
ADEE972JCJFixes a crash of the Notes Browser Plugin at startup, first time after install.
APAR99FE92If user setup skips over the server configuration screen while configuring user at setup time, the iNotes icon on Notes Browser Plugin noes not...
APAR9ABAQ5 Copying an Applink/doclink from the Notes Browser Plugin containing multibyte characters is not pasted in iNotes due to conversion in Native format....
RPAL96UMQLUser can now specifcy which brower to use as their perferred browser to run the Notes Browser Plugin by setting the new notes.ini: ...
RPAL97YM43If the default browser is not on the supported list for the Notes Browser Plugin, Internet Explorere with be used as the browser to open the Browser...
PALT97BH4DFixed Notesuiworkspace Picklistcollection to allow opening the mail database inside the piclist dialog.
NNAI9863JMFixed the issue where on non-english systems, after installing the Notes Browser Plug-in, the desktop shortcut sometimes does not...
APAR98GF3QThis fix allows user to specify a server where the help file exists so that users of the Notes Browser Plug-in can use F1 to display help. This is...


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